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Andrew is a knowledgeable and engaging presenter. He puts the audience at ease with his calm friendly nature, encouraging discussion and time to share opinions. Andrew is passionate about supporting parents and teachers in building trust, collaborating and open communication. His presentation was well organised and researched.

Mrs Alanna McCrae – Principal – St Mary’s Armidale 4/3/19


👍Glad you made it in one piece....our SST thought you were great! She wants to get you back, as does Alanna. Loved your relaxed and 'easy to listen to' style. Alanna said you were able to say things to parents that she would love to say, but they accept better from an 'outsider ' . I'll talk to our systems coach tomorrow and see if any other schools could use you at the same time, if you were to come again

Mrs Louise Reinke – Assistant Principal – St Mary’s Armidale 4/3/19


The world needs to hear your message right now - so get to work my friend! You’ve got everything you need to be an extraordinary speaker.

Zara – Troy and Zara – Great Talk 21/3/19


Your presentation to our parents was informative, engaging and purposeful – you knew your audience and left us with a message in relation to trust, collaboration and enquiry that will remain with us.

Mr John Hinton – Principal – St Ambrose Newmarket 21/3/19


Thank you for your time last night to present to our Class Liaison Officers.

Your message was great.  Opening up the parent community to ideas to help improve communication between parents and teachers for the benefit of our children, that is enhanced and engaged education, was great.

Your time was appreciated and it might be good to invite you to a P & F meeting to share your valuable insight and ideas again.

Mr Bret Ambrose – P&F President – St Ambrose Newmarket 21/3/19


I really like it though.  It is so very practical – and I am more than happy to promote in my April e-newsletter, and on my FB.  I will also let any groups know who are looking for speakers in this space.

Hon. Di Farmer MP

Member for Bulimba

Minister for Child Safety, Youth and Women and

Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence             23/3/19

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